Hotel Cubanacan Acuario

Hotel Cubanacan Acuario
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If you want great value for money & somewhere quiet just outside Havana (only 9.3 miles away from Havana’s international airport & 30 minutes away from downtown), though close enough to explore the vibrant city, Hotel Cubanacan Acuario should more than meet your needs.

Acuario overlooks Marina Hemingway, the largest marina in Cuba, so should appeal to anyone who enjoys boating. The place looks drab & unloved on first impression but step inside & you will find warm decor & the friendliest staff. The hotel clearly needs work, with some buildings currently closed, but this is a place where realistic expectations lead to pleasant surprises.

Ostensibly, Hotel Acuario is used as a base for visitors exploring Havana, just a 30-minute ride away in the hotel’s free shuttle which also takes guests to Santa Maria beach – where you can enjoy an array of watersports. But stay on site & you’ll find this all-inclusive hotel provides better than expected entertainment with an evening show & disco where you can dance the night away with local people. There is also an excellent, well maintained swimming pool with poolside bar.

This hotel & the nearby marina provide a relaxed alternative to the thronging city & you may even be regaled by tales & sea shanties of sea captains from around the world in Acuario’s café, which does very good coffee. Food & drink at the hotel rarely goes beyond basic with especially limited variety at the snack bar, though the restaurant serves decent fish in the evenings.

All-inclusive hotels so close to Havana are rare & Acuario represents outstanding value, despite occasional maintenance & utility issues. If you arrive expecting a romantic tropical escape then you’ll be disappointed but this hotel is perfect if you want a relaxing base to explore Havana on a budget. Acuario should also appeal to yachting & maritime enthusiasts.