Hotel Xanadu Mansion *****, Varadero, Matanzas

Hotel Xanadu Mansion *****, Varadero, Matanzas
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Named “Xanadu,” following the exotic palace built by the legendary Chinese warrior and conqueror Kublas Khan, it sports precious forests which were attracted particularly from Santiago de Cuba for its ceilings, stair railings and columns, whereas the bathrooms and floors were all done at Cuban, Spanish and Italian masonry.

Mansion Xanadu was constructed from the 1920’s from U.S. millionaire Irenee Du Pont, detailed with a nine-hole route because of his personal pleasure, touching one of the very gorgeous beaches of the whole globe.

The home has two bedrooms including the classical furniture of 1920. Quietness, lush vegetation, air and calmness characterise the blue and green environment the reasons, of their Varadero Golf Club.