Hotel Starfish Cuatro Palmas

Hotel Starfish Cuatro Palmas
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The all-inclusive Hotel Starfish Cuatro Palmas is considered one of the most beautiful and comfortable hotel facilities on the Varadero Peninsula, the world famous Cuban beach. Distinguished and elegant. Arches, columns, stained-glass windows and balustrades give it a distinctively Cuban appeal. This, along with the excellent services provided to guests, make it a magnificent vacation place.

Quality accommodations and nautical sports installations characterize the Cuatro Palmas, as well as its wonderful architecture, that makes it an example of touristic development, respecting the environment.

Starfish Cuatro Palmas

“Cuba,” the main restaurant for buffet breakfast and diner, facing the pool, beautiful colonial style.
“Las Olas” is opposite the pool and features a terrace facing the ocean. It offers snacks as well as Italian and American a la carte cuisine. There is also another restaurant called “Las Palmas.”

Hotel Starfish Cuatro Palmas was previously known as Mercure Cuatro Palmas and earlier it used to belong to the Coralia brand.