Hotel Iberostar Varadero *****, Varadero, Matanzas

Hotel Iberostar Varadero *****, Varadero, Matanzas
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There are a great deal of night and day entertainment programs and SPA renovated. Another show each night consists of performances by groups and bands. The hotel is excellent for families and it has many entertainment for children, for example child pool, the Lucy┬┤s Mini Club (age 4-12) having a varied entertainment program including games, contests and mini-show in the nighttime. Night-time baby sitting service is designed for additional charge.

It’s a hotel on a shore that is great. You revel in long walks on the shore and can find the websites with this stile hotel.

Iberostar Varadero includes 386 rooms, positioned in 1-1 cubes, 324 which can be 60 suites, conventional and two Presidential suites. Guests of those SPA rooms also have access to a buffet breakfast that is private.

Hotel Iberostar Choice Varadero is just a modern complex surrounded by tropical plant and located in a privileged location of Varadero beach.

Service comprises global and federal beverages. Also as buffet restaurant, the hotel offers restaurants to three specialities: cuisine, Mediterranean and Japanese. A booking is needed for them all. Snacks can be found in various places throughout the hotel.