Hotel Punta Piedra **, Playa Marea del Portillo, Granma

Hotel Punta Piedra can be is a feeling of tranquillity and also that a country charm. There’s just a pool & sun patio while water sports are included by tasks on the shore. Along with this program that is limited, the staff provide guided nature walks. You could even book trips to the El Salto Water fall & Desembarco del Granma National Park.

Sitting together with Marea del Portillo’s powder shore, the Sierra Maestra Mountains & Pico Turquino, Cuba’s highest point overlook hotel Punta Piedra. The spot features a rustic texture with all terra cotta paths & roofs scattered round coastal gardens.

A excellent selection for anyone seeking a relatively escape at an location that is soothing, Punta Piedra is excellent for scuba diving & nature enthusiasts.

Punta Piedra is for you nearby if you enjoy skiing or snowboarding diving. Even the waters offer plenty to research on the list of narrow ravines hillocks once-in-a-lifetime sights like well preserved galleons, the southern reef & neighboring life.

If you like tranquillity & nature you’ll discover whatever you want at Hotel Cubanacan Punta Piedra if your holiday incorporates holiday or diving.
Punta Piedra includes a restaurant with outdoor space plus two pubs. Guests may also use the facilities at both of the hotels within the region, throughout the year, although shuttle will not run. The day disco & humor series at Farallon del Caribe are recommended, though Punta Piedra guests may enjoy breath taking landscapes because the moon drifts & more evening entertainment across the hills.