Hotel Santa Lucia ****, Playa Santa Lucia, Camaguey

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There’s beverage at Brisas Santa Lucia hotel and choice in food. Santa Lucia additionally includes four pubs (for example a swim-up pub at the pool), serving a huge selection of drinks, despite the fact that there’s also a snack bar & dedicated java pub.

The activities are intended to satisfy the requirements of every holiday maker athletic evening entertainment & activities. Activities, that take place kayaks, pedal boats & wind surfing.

Santa Lucia’s village is worth a trip for the discos, gift ideas & for these public, which leaves an impression for visitors’ charm. Hotel Brisas Santa Lucia can be an impressive hotel, and it is a favorite option for holiday makers who need caliber at a price that is fair. Even the Santa Lucia hotel complex – place in grounds, high in cherry & citrus trees blossoms – supplies a location for guests to relax beneath the sun that is Cuban.

Hotel Brisas Santa Lucia was called Hotel Be Live Brisas Santa Lucia, Hotel Santa Lucia Cuatro Vientos & Hotel Oasis Brisas Santa Lucia.

Details of Standard Room

The chambers are conservative however clean & perfectly maintained with pride from your maids (who leave towel swans & blossoms to guests). In case they are required by guests buildings 2030 You will find more silent spots available. The hotel has more than 300 bedrooms, each with terrace/balcony & 2 bedrooms. To prevent annoyance guests at floor accommodation should be careful never to leave patio doors that are open.