Hotel Club Arenal ****, Beaches East of Havana, Havana

Hotel Club Arenal  ****, Beaches East of Havana, Havana
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Plenty of entertainment tasks are available; you can find the selection of water sports like catamaran, pedal boats, windsurfs, canoes and kayaks and areas sports including tennis, volleyball and table tennis. At the day, you might combine the disco of the hotel.

Even the 4-stars Club Arenal hotel is located just 27 kilometers (16,78 kilometers ) in Havana City which is merely a 25-minutes driveway. By Thursday to Sunday there’s just a free of charge shuttlebus to Havana, leaving Club Arenal in 10.00 am and coming at 4.30 pm.
Hotel Club Arenal has very recently re opened its doors after years of bureaus exclusivity and renovation works, into an global economy; as Hotel Bravo Club Arenal it was called with that time.

The comprehensive Hotel Arenal is made up of 3 two-storey buildings where the chambers have been observed; a buffet restaurant serves Italian style food along with Espresso Coffee; the bite bar”Parrillada”, that provides late breakfasts and light snacks or lunches during the afternoon and freshwater and fish dinners (for an extra fee and also by reservation only) throughout the day and at which icecream is consistently available (extra fee).

Details of Standard Room

These rooms in Club Arenal’s capacity is two adults, that they have been on the floor and freature a brighth window.

Details of Junior Suite

Junior Suites in Club Arenal Hotel are advocated for families they’re able to accommodate as many as two adults + 2 kids or 3 adults plus as their capacity is significantly much higher compared to the rooms. Junior Suites have a living room and also are observed on the floor.